Thursday, February 18, 2010

Koh Rong's Projects

Royal Group’s projects on Koh Rong

Royal Group, one of the large important investors in Cambodia, has 2 important development projects in the Tourism sector: at Ream, a concession located on the East and the South of the airport (Kang Keng Airport) and another concession on Koh Rong Island in Sihanoukville (on the gulf of Thailand) said Mark Hanna, General Director.

For Ream project on the 1,681 hectares land, the master plan has not been developed yet and the environment impact assessment is being studied.

For Koh Rong, the master plan has already been approved and the infrastructure developments that are very important for the island of 7,800 hectares has been begun. In its first phase, it includes a place for the basic loading of necessary equipments, doing the groundwork to build a road and the airport. Water will be taken from water towers and from hydro-electric dam. At the beginning, the electricity will be generated from diesel generators, and then later on, it will be from hydro-electric dam. The total cost of the basic infrastructures before the construction of hotels, houses etc. was estimated around 1 billion USD. The airport will be cost around 120 million USD.

With the projection of large numbers of job creation, there will be around 100,000 people to living in the central of the island with all necessary services, shops, schools, hospital and security. There will be about 40 hotels and each hotel will employ 3 to 400 people.

Nature will be largely preserved. They don’t want absolutely to copy Phuket. On the 7,800 ha, they will develop only around 5,000, of which a maximum of 20% will be built. In the town, there will no buildings exceeding the 4 storey tall.

Mr. Mark Hanna said we will start on a small scale with a small resort at the water front, eco-tourism style and with limited number of services, for a 100 USD per night. This resort will be accessible by a small plan of 10 sits from Phnom Penh, with the runway on land, which will be operational within 6 months.

The town and the resorts will be progressively developed together. There will be a road for cars, 2 golf courts, a marina, a water park…and it will be in full activity in 3 years time.

Mr. Mark Hanna is confident that lots of tourist visiting Koh Rong Island will be from Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore…and from Asia.

He finally estimated that the investment for this new Indochinese Riviera can reach 23 billion USD on the next 20 years.

(Source: translated from Cambodge Nouveau, No. 284, Février 2010, p.11)

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