Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Posco Star River

The world's leading construction company Posco E&C will realize new dreams in Cambodia.
POSCO E&C is an affiliated company of POSCO which is the world leading steel maker that has the world largest iron works.

The arriving of this giant group to Cambodia will help to restore and build a strong confidence on the real estate investment made by South Korean.

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Anonymous said...

The koreans are back!

Anonymous said...

You are right!!! Bur will they help to improve the real estate investment climate in Cambodia?

Anonymous said...

NO! Because the bubble has burst. It will take some 10 years before prices reach the old highs of 2008.

Anonymous said...

Let see what is the reality. Who know that it needs 10 years to reach the top 2008 price? What we know is that Cambodian-Korean relationship is in a strong tie. Korean invest in many countries as well beside Cambodia. Cambodian has high potential to develp. Things will make Koreans feel more and more like one of there home town. Then good things will happen soon. I think like Japan and China, Korea will build bridges as well as other roads in Cambodia too for her infrastructure and smooth business.

Anonymous said...

If you have money no problem, but if you are in a financial crunch, why invest in cambodia?

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