Thursday, July 9, 2009

Property Development in Sihanoukville

Even facing this global financial crisis and local slowdown of Cambodian property market, many property development projects in Sihanoukville have been continuing gradually according to their plans.

“The first phase of 72 units house and 140 units house of BS Holiday Villa project are subject to be finished by end of July 2009 and by end of May 2010 respectively” said Mr. Danh Sophal, Site Project Manager. He continued that more than 90% of the 2 phases has been sold since the project started in end of 2007 and the current prices of house vary from $86,000 to $250,000.

On the Hawaii Beach, the construction of the private resident and the shop house is almost completed. This project is developed by EMARIO Shonan Marine Corporation Ltd

Hilton Park Villa and Borey CPN (Cambodia Property Network) have also started to build the twin houses, the villa houses and the flat houses accordingly since the first quarter of 2009.

Thai Boon Roong Company has started developing its first phase of 100 flat houses and the market (Pearl City Development), which is subject for sale to public, started in November 2009.

Recently,Brocon Group, an Australian real estate investment company in Cambodia announced its plan to develop the multimillion and high end resorts on Koh Bong Koh Oun or Songsaa Island (further reading - Paradise in the making).

The completion of those construction projects will hopefully respond to the high population growth in the next few years, where number of new entrants such as business people, Cambodian and Foreign expatriate, Retired and Long Vacancy Tourists will come to doing businesses and visit Sihanoukville.

The government’s open sky policy will be restarted again with Preah Sihanouk International Air Port, formly called Kang Keng International Air Port, which is subject to reopen for the operation in 27 July 2009. To where, the passengers can take about 1 hour fly from Bangkok, from Singapore, from Siem Reap and 2 hours fly from South Korea etc…

Hawaii Beach Private Resident, Shop House and Hotel Development

Borey CPN

Hilton Park Villa

BS Holiday Villa

Pearl City Development

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Anonymous said...

Why will there be more expatriates and business people, or even tourists?

The backpackers, and other "travelers" are no longer welcome, as they aren't rich enough, and their favorite hangout at the lake is being bulldozed.

The "hostess" segment is being closed down, and though that's no great loss, don't forget it's pretty much what paid for thailand's development.

The NGO's are going to be kicked out, according to ah samdech, so there go a big chunk of those expatriates.

The islands have all been sold. So have the beaches. IF those get developed into tourist resorts, that will be be where all the tourists, and their money, stay. But a tourist resort spells "package tour". And in a 3rd world country that spells "cheap".

The regime itself is in grave danger of putting Cambodia on the boycott list for tourists who care anything about human rights, and those are usually the same group that care about "eco tourism" (what do you mean, there is no forest left in Cambodia?).

The "desirable" tourists, I guess that's middle to old age rich married (heterosexual) whiteys, who aren't political. They like to see old temples, colonial architecture in a relaxed atmosphere that goes back in time.

The very stuff that is being destroyed daily by developments in Cambodia

I don't think they're yet ready to come for big gaudy gold towers, tracts of townhouses with nary a tree in sight, an overpass over central market (I believe the leader suggested such a thing to speed journeys around town? Ha Ha!).

Ahmed said...

the new development have the chance to be long life construction and get the advance ways for property developments and the property developers find the best location for providing the latest styles and advance facilities to the people living in that area.

Anonymous said...

What about the land mines that no body want s to clean up? The Cambodian Government does is not making an effort to clean this up? Nice tropical place to visit but Bammm.. their goes you foot. Maybe more of an effort from big business should be to remove the land mines and help with their eco system.

Anonymous said...

if you can't beat them, join them!

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