Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NBC lifting off its restriction to ease the Real Estate sector

National Bank of Cambodia has recently announced to lift off its restriction of 15 pc putting on all commercial banks in Cambodia to restrict on the real estate speculation.

Many real estate agents, developers and investors are now happy about this good news and they hope to have fresh cash to start or to replay their game again, which has been sleeping for several months.



Anonymous said...

It sounds a good news but it will become real or not that commercial banks are happy to lend out their money easily even without 15 pc restriction from NBC.

Most banks are now working to gather deposits rather than lending out. And we can see unusual high Certificate/Term Deposit rates across some banks in Cambodia.

I think it should be a lesson learnt for some real estate developers or investors to be more careful when playing their money in real estate business. From now,there is a door only for real entrepreneur who create, invent thing and not speculator anymore.

They should know how much to keep cash reserve, investing etc...a quote to remember: "don't put all eggs in one basket"

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