Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Real Estate Bubble in Cambodia?

Due to a global economic downturn and the hot border dispute with Thailand, there is a warning sign for real estate speculators in Cambodia that the real estate bubble is near.
For now the price of property is too high, there are more sellers in property market while there are low demands.

Although, some real estate experts said the price in Cambodia is very competitve than in Thailand and Vietnam.

The question is that real estate bubble in Cambodia?
Every thing should depend on the future Cambodian government which should ensure long political stability and the double digit of economic growth through fully apply the rule of laws and the diversification of economy sector-hydropower,technology, oil and agro-industry etc...which could attract more foreign direct investors to the kingdom of Cambodia. As the result, there should be no real estate bubble in this country.

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Anonymous said...

But you can't deny market forces. As the article says there is more supply than demand at this time which will automatically lead to lower prices, no matter what the government does or doesn't do. There is no doubt there is a bubble, the question is whether the air will leak out or it will burst. That again depends on how much of the speculation was done on loans and how much on own cash equity. As someone who is very familiar with the market my current bet is on slow deflation, but if there are more bank loans for real estate speculation out there than originally thought it will be a bust.

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