Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Koh Kong: land prices are about soaring?

After the recent renovation of N.48 and the four bridges financed by Thai government's loans and funds, which link from Phnom Penh to Koh Kong Province,and as announced by Prime Hun Sen recently, there will be multi-millions invesment of a five star hotel & resort development by a Chinese company, there are more and more poeple (local and international tourists) have been pouring to visit Koh Kong, which used to be a sleepy town.

Accordingly, there are also many land buyers now going down to shop around and looking for the opportunities to speculate on land prices, that are currently at low level comparing to other development areas of Cambodia.

So land prices in Koh Kong will be soaring soon?

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Anonymous said...

There have been so many announcements of multi-million dollar investments all over the place, like Bokor, Snake Island, Sihanoukville, etc. Look what's been done about it so far - almost nothing. It really doesn't matter whether Thaksin is in on the deal. It's all a bubble so far. The speculators will soon be left with a lot of expensive land, nobody wants to buy. Real investment projects need a balance of the cost of land and the development. If the cost of land accounts for more than 20% of the development it is economically unsound. They are finding this out in and around Phnom Penh already, which is another factor contributing to the leveling off of prices. The more they look the more expensive it will become in Koh Kong province too. There is no good thinking behind all this craze - it's like betting on whether it's going to rain.

Anonymous said...

Normally, it has happened every where around the globe where its government is still weak to control everything and its development transition toward the prosperity for what i think many Cambodians, importantly the next young generation have the dream. All of Cambodians must be more optimistic for their future, stand as a strong group and speak out to direct or guide the current government to avoid any foreseeable mistakes and to make sure all developments' projects benefenit to Cambodians and it should be.

Anonymous said...

People in Koh Kong had told me the land price there is as high as 30 dollar per meter-square recently.
I think after the national election and the government has won the nation, price grows some day for sure.

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