Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Real estate development in Cambodia

DE CASTLE ROYAL in Phnom Penh - Korean Developer NURI D&C and RUNS&WALKS

Golden Tower 42 in Phnom Penh - Korean Developer Yonwoo - Project Financing DaeHan Real Estate Investment Trust

Grand Phnom Penh developed by Ciputra Group Indonesia and YLP Group Cambodia

Residential, Shop-house, Restaurant developed by CPN Property in Sihanoukville

BS HOLIDAY VILLA in Sihnoukville

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peaceful person said...

Dear readers:

please take a look at the map on http://cambodiapropertyforum.blogspot.com/2008/04/real-estate-development-in-cambodia.html

Near Koh Kong, there is an area named Trat with subtitle in Thai language. Trat is belong to Cambodia, I am quite sure that in the year 1980s Trat is still Cambodia. How in this map Trat is already Thailand? The border at that area is so funny looking. The whit line is drawing a long the be area just up of the water line. Please the map poster and the map drawer correct it. Please do not enjoy to make more blood on earth. please do not enjoy so much to destroy more the poor.
Thanks you very much for whom correct the matter. Please correct the other areas as well as there are many places (the border sites). From a peaceful person

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Karlo Merk said...

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Real Estate Development in Cambodia

Cambodia: New Investment Destination in Southeast Asia