Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The future of Sihanoukville

Every Cambodian is dreaming about the future of Sihanoukville which will be look like Singapore or Hong Kong according to its existing and future potentials: Tourism destination to the long beautiful beaches surrounded by beautiful islands, Ream National Park, International Sea Port and Air Port, Special Economic Zones, Luxury hotel and resort, the future of new city development, entertainment and park attraction centre, Sea Museum & Aquarium etc…

Although in order to make those above plans happened, Sihanoukville should have a good Master Plan for the future development as following:

• Sihanoukville Master Plan for long term project (15 years – 50 years) must be designed by local and international experts
• Water reservoir must be built
• High voltage of Electricity must be linked to city
• Existing wasted water cleaning should be covered and better be relocated a bit far from the sea
• Planting the tree along side walk of the main roads
• All public beaches must be reorganized (Pave way along the beaches, sewage tank for public and private WC, drainage system for wasted water) to make sure that the environment is clean for the local and foreign tourists.
• If possible, some old government officials should be replaced by young officials who have the energy, skills and the capacity to participate in the development of Sihanoukville
• Real estate development must be controlled by the governments

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Anonymous said...

Who can do this job? Do you know anybody? So far it seems the only thing the officials were interested in was making a quick buck.

Anonymous said...

Young cambodian people who have the willing to push this country towards prosperity.Since it is just the plan so it is question of time!

Anonymous said...

there is no doubt about the potential of sihanoukville. as stated in order for the potential to be properly fulfilled a thorough master plan needs to be undertaken and implemented which will of necessity look at the various desired land uses and the requirement for proper supporting infrastructure. tourism is clogging up thailand and vietnam is the current flavour of the month. cambodia is the prime position to learn from these destinations and end up with a world class destination that will help elevate the people of cambodia in a new beginning.
the structure of cambodian politics is and can be a big plus in that provided those in power see the benefits of this planned approach it can be implemented quite quickly. benovolent dictatorships work best if you want things to get going. singapore's success is due in no small part to its former leader who saw what needed to be done and went ahead and did it. master planning doesn't have to take forever and can in fact me implemented quite quickly if there is the political will to do so. far too often the western 'experts' take far too long to act and at times act incorrectly as evidenced by the location of the sewerage treatment facility in SV. planning should be controlled by the government in consulation with the people (both today's locals and those of the future) but as has been demonstrated many times development should wherever possible be undertaken by the private sector in conformity with the approved plan.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agreed with you that we need the will to make the dream a reality. However, how can we create the will shared by people for common purposes since most people don't permit themselves to understand others?

It is good that we have a master plan in place and it would be even much better if we had people execute that plan properly.

Admin said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your valuable comments. It is very good that we could share some new ideas together and how we could find a good solution in order to make those plans happen. But, the most important thing for now is about the action, the action and the action...

Anonymous said...

newton the famous scientist said a body remains at rest or in a state of constant motion unless acted upon by an outside force. it could be said that SV is on someways still a body at rest that needs the government to exert the external force to get it and its people into motion.
once the election is settled the people would have given the elected officials the mandate to get things moving. they have to finish the plan, publish it, have in place means by which the required infrastructure is provided, then begin the implementation of the most vital of infrastructure such as water, sewerage, electricity and telecommunications. the initial impetus for this must come from government then supplemented by funds levied against developments as they occur but not to such an extent that they stiffle the development to occur. it may be a novel approach in cambodia but perhaps after the election the government should call a public meeting of interested parties and from this form a steering committee charged to work with the government to make this happen. developing countries such as singapore, UAE, and china realise that it is necessary for this to include barangs as often they have the experience and knowledge to make this happen but clearly in conjunction with the khmer people.

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