Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cambodian goverment has leased 3 other islands to private companies

The goverment of Cambodia has leased 3 more islands in Sihanoukville to private companies.

The Council Development of Cambodia (CDC) has approved the investment projects for 3 private companies: Angela Real Estate, RPB Investment and Twin Golden to lease Preus Island (562,800 sqm), Krabei Island(122,330 sqm)and Tres Island respectively.

The total investment from those companies is estimated around USD 43 millions.

This is a good news for Sihanoukville where is going to be developped very soon.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Phnom Penh: New Skyscraper building of 53 floors in 4 years

International financial center of 53 floors will be built in the mid of year 2008 on the 6 hectares land at Tole Basac District, Phnom Penh. The construction's cost is estimated at about $1,100 Mio and the construction works will take 4 years. (source: Reaksmey Kampuchea).

This is a new giant real estate development by Korean construction company "GS".

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New bridge from the mainland of Sihanoukville to Snake Island

The first new bridge will be built soon, connecting from the mainland of Sihanoukville to Snake island (Kos Puos Island). The construction of the bridge will be done by a Korean firm.

The island was taken by Kos Puos Investment Group, owned by a Russian tycoon who got the lease from the Cambodian government for 99 years.

This is a multimillion dollars project on the island where there will be a real estate development of 5 star hotel&resort, bungalows, new town etc...

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