Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Real estate booming in Sihanoukville?

Just for the last few months, many large land area have been divided into lots of small land (usually 20mx30m). Now it counts about 11 different locations of divided lands in Sihanoukville alone. As the result real estate is booming now in Sihanoukville and many real estate investors who have available funds could purchase some lots of land easily.

Also, many foreign toursits start to visit Sihanoukville this year and specially Swedish tourists who flew from Europe directly to Phnom Penh enjoy relaxing at the beaches of Sihanoukville. The demand of 4 or 5 hotels is also coming.

Welcome to real estate developers (hotels, resorts, apartments, entertainment centers) to Sihanoukville, it is time to invest now!

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Piseth said...

That's interesting to know about. Is it true that the demand is higher up?
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Admin said...

iYes, as the demand is increasing, the real estate situation is also booming!

KHMER2LOVE said...

Good report in your blog. KgSom is my target.

Admin said...

Thanks. My name is Sophea. If you and your friends are interested in investing in some properties in Sihanoukville, please don't wait! As it is the right time now. Camboland

KHMER2LOVE said...

Sure, I regularly visit your blog. but now I am now still abroad. Will contact you if I return home.

Anonymous said...

i am glad to see the situation here growing , however i am just afraid that without proper master plan, the growth will make the city look messy.

" we have to have master plans to develop this area, otherwise we won't be living healthy with this increasing growth"

Anonymous said...

I am considering investing in real estate in Sihanoukville and am considering a development with one particular company called South East Asian Properties. The sales person goes by the name of William Ford. The partners' names are: Chhom Vireek, Raja Probst and Grant Bullen. I wonder if any of you have ever heard of them or what your opinion is of these people?
Their website is listed below:

Thank you very much for your consideration in advance.

Hasibul Haque said...

can foreigners buy proeprties in Cambodia?
Would appreciate if anyone can clarify this.

Missellie said...

we have land in sihanoukville; directly on the beach (otres beach) there is a little bungalow on it and it can be explored to a business. If anybody is interested in please feel free to contact me.
have a nice day

interspace uk said...

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