Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cambodia: Business opportunity

Business opportunity in Cambodia ranked 68th out of 157 for its economic freedom is easier than it sounds.

Cambodia is ranked higher than Vietnam, Thailand or Malaysia for economic freedom. This November a business round table help in Phnom Penh attracted about 600 business people from the oil and gas, tourism and finance who attended the last conference in 2005. They heard speakers talk about how the country's economy has grown by almost 10% each year since 1999, how per capita GDP has more than doubled since 1994 and how land prices in some parts of Phnom Penh are approaching those of Hong Kong.

International investors are moving into Cambodia banking, insurance, consumer and retail marketing, construction, energy, hotels and tourism, mining, cememt production, plantations and manufacturing, as well as industrial estates, ports, telecommunications and transport services.

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