Sunday, December 30, 2007

Boeung Kak Lake will be land filled?

According to the Cambodia Daily dated on 28 December 2007, HSC Co Ltd, on behalf of Shakaku Inc, is currently constructing a pipeline between Boeung Kak and the Chroy Changva peninsula to pump sand into the lake.

But during Environment Law dicussion at National Assembly, Mr. Mok Mareth, the Senior Minister of Environment, seemed to prevent the project as the environment impact assessment has not been done and it has to be completed prior the land filled.

I think that the Minister was right to state the above issue. And the company itseft must follow the environment law and must hold a correct master plan of this real estate development and must take into account of the green space. So the development is going to done smoothly and Phnom Penh will have a nice city view.


KHMER2LOVE said...

I am sure Mok Mareth have no power on this. he sold(invested) many lands inside protected area.

Admin said...

That's why what we can expect that the company who hold the project has to do the right things.

Further, not Mok Mareth alone must be involved but all the concerned authorities have to check and be responsible on the project approved.

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