Thursday, November 8, 2007

How many Real Estate Agents or Brokers have the real estate license in Cambodia?

Prakas on Professional Certificate and License on Appraisal Service on Real Estate and Real Estate Service (No 142 MoEF PRK dated 13 February 2007)

The MoEF will issue certificates and licenses to individuals and companies operating in real estate and or/providing valuation services in Cambodia. Individuals and companies who wish to operate or who are currently operating real estate business and/or providing consultancy services on real estate can apply for the professional cerfificate and license with the Department of the Department of Financial Industry of the MoEF.
The certificate holders are legally permitted to be a representative of the real estate or valuation company. There are different type of certificates and license depending on the services to be provided. The Prakas also outlines the conditions to obtain a license or certificates from the MoEF.

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