Sunday, November 18, 2007

Flat houses being flourished like Mushroom in Phnom Penh

Just for recent years, there are numbers of flat houses being built in Phnom Penh and its suburds. Some of them are built with quality that is good and I would like to appreciate to the builders. Although, there are also many houses being built illegally without any construction permit or maybe without any quality. Maybe the builders just think about the quantity and make the profit as soon as possible and don't have any vision for the future (ex. the collaspe of the building, if this case happen, who will be responsible?). I would like to suggest and recommend to the builders that they should cooperate with the authority and make up the master plan of the real estate development. For the nice view of the city. Look at Paris or Singapore! and Think about the future for long vision. The country is being developped and all of us will benefit from the development if we do the correct works and have a good plan.

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